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Disc 1
1. The Temptones – Girl I Love You
2. The Masters – I Need Your Love
3. The Temptones – Say These Words of Love
4. Perkiomen
5. I’m Sorry
6. Fall in Philadelphia
7. Waterwheel
8. Lilly (Are You Happy)
9. Had I Known You Better Then
10. Las Vegas Turnaround
11. She’s Gone
12. You’re Much Too Soon
13. Is It a Star
14. It’s Uncanny
15. Love You Like a Brother
16. Lady Rain (Live, Previously Unreleased)
17. Beanie G. and the Rose Tattoo (Live, Previously Unreleased)
18. Better Watch Your Back (Live, Previously Unreleased)
19. Abandoned Luncheonette (Live, Previously Unreleased)
20. When the Morning Comes (Live, Previously Unreleased)

Disc 2
1. Camellia
2. Sara Smile
3. Alone Too Long
4. Gino (The Manager)
5. Ennui on the Mountain
6. Out of Me, Out of You
7. Back Together Again
8. Rich Girl
9. Crazy Eyes
10. Have I Been Away Too Long
11. August Day
12. It’s A Laugh
13. I Don’t Wanna Lose You
14. Wait for Me
15. Time’s Up (Alone Tonight)
16. The Woman Comes and Goes
17. How Does It Feel to Be Back
18. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling
19. Kiss on My List
20. Everytime You Go Away (Live, Previously Unreleased)

Disc 3
1. You Make My Dreams
2. Private Eyes
3. Head Above Water
4. Did It in a Minute
5. Your Imagination
6. I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)
7. Don’t Go Out (Previously Unreleased)
8. Maneater
9. Family Man
10. One on One
11. Go Solo
12. Say It Isn’t So
13. Adult Education
14. Out of Touch
15. Method of Modern Love
16. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
17. Possession Obsession (Live)
18. A Nite at the Apollo Live! The Way You Do the Things You Do/My Girl (Live)

Disc 4
1. Everything Your Heart Desires
2. Missed Opportunity
3. Keep on Pushin’ Love
4. Storm Warning (Previously Unreleased)
5. Change of Season
6. Starting All Over Again (Live, Previously Unreleased)
7. So Close (Live, Previously Unreleased)
8. Do It for Love
9. Forever for You
10. Heartbreak Time
11. All the Way from Philadelphia (Previously Unreleased)
12. Have You Ever Been in Love (Demo, Previously Unreleased)
13. Me and Mrs. Jones (Live)
14. I Want Someone (Live, Previously Unreleased)
15. Do What You Want, Be What You Are (Live, Previously Unreleased)
16. Dreamer (Previously Unreleased)

Release Date
October 13, 2009

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