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1. Stone Cold Love (Produced by Ryan Tedder & John Oates)
2. The Head That Wears the Crown featuring Jerry Douglas & Wendy Moten (Produced by Jerry Douglas & John Oates)
3. Pushing a Rock Uphill (Produced by Nathan Paul Chapman & John Oates)
4. Believe in Me featuring Bekka Bramlett (Produced by Tommy Sims & John Oates)
5. High Maintenance featuring Hot Chelle Rae (Produced by Hot Chelle Rae & John Oates)
6. Close (Produced by Tim Lauer & John Oates)
7. Stand Strong (Produced by Teddy Morgan & John Oates)
8. Lose It in Louisiana (Produced by John Oates & Chad Gilmore)
9. Save Me (Produced by Teddy Morgan & John Oates)
10. Six Men (Produced by Tom Bukovac & John Oates)
11. Don’t Cross Me Wrong featuring Vince Gill (Produced by Vince Gill & John Oates)
12. Bad Bad Love (Produced by Tom Bukovac & John Oates)
13. Edge of the World (Produced by Mike Henderson & John Oates)
14. Bad Luck and Trouble (Produced by John Oates)
15. Different Kind of Groove Sometime (Produced by Chad Gilmore & John Oates)

Release Date
March 18, 2014
Various, John Oates (Executive Producer)

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